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Hi, my name is Emile Ledure and I improve mobile/web app conversion, retention & engagement.

Product Strategy
UX Design
User Research
UI Design
Product Management
Design System

Companies I have worked with

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Emile worked with me on improving our current product and building new features. (…) He is always up to date regarding new product and UX/UI evolution. I hope we'll work again together.

Benjamin RetournΓ©
Lead Product Manager, BlaBlaCar


BlaBlaCar is a ridesharing community marketplace, with +15M active users.

As a Product Manager I worked on various topics including:

  • Design System
  • User Research in Russia
  • Whatsapp for Business
  • GDPR

Happy to tell you more ✌️


Zenchef is a SaaS that helps restaurant owners manage their reservations & attract customers.

In a few weeks, we managed to increase both our conversion & daily retention after redesigning the core feature β€” booking.

We worked together with Jean-Charles Deglesne.

+20% increase in daily retention πŸš€

+50% increase in conversion πŸ“ˆ

+300% faster in action time ⏱

[shh, it is still a secret]

I worked with a start-up that develops an app to help people cook amazing chef recipes.

Stay tuned.

I designed their app (UX/UI).

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